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Guide and Virtual Tour of Whitby: The Whalebones.
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Few visitors to Whitby can leave without a photo in front of the Whalebones. How many are aware of the history?

Prior to 1833 sailing ships from Whitby were engaged in whaling. Many Whitby men were killed, boats overturned and ships were crushed.

Whale boats were lowered from the sailing ships, each manned by a crew of six. These crew men would kill the whales with hand-thrown harpoons.

Over 25,000 seals 55 polar bears and 2761 whales were brought back to Whitby over a period of 80 years. That's a lot of Blubber, Brother!

When the time drew near for the return of a whaling ship to Whitby close watch was kept for the sign of the masthead appearing over the horizon. If a pair of whale jaw bones were attached to the mast then the wives of Whitby knew that the ship was full.

Little is now left to remind us of these prosperous days, other than this pair of whale jaw bones. Norway presented the whale jaw bone arch to Whitby in 1963.

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Map of Whitby showing the location of The Whalebones at Latitude 54.49032 / Longitude -0.61633.
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