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Whitby weather - local conditions and climate

When we visit Whitby, most of us want to be outdoors on the beach or beside the seaside, so it's important to know what the weather has in store for us.

The good news: Whitby, like most of the north-easterly resorts has more than its fair share of sunshine and less than its fair share of rain. This is because the Pennines protect the coast from the prevailing wet, westerly winds, which batter resorts on the west, such as Blackpool and the Lake District. These clouds have usually dispersed over the hills of the Pennines, leaving the east coast with clear skies and sunshine.

The bad news: when the wind blows from the north or east, Whitby is right in line! These winds are also much colder, so although there may not be as much cloud and rain as the west, when it does come, you need to wrap up warm!

As you might imagine, the warmest months are July and August, when you can typically expect day-time temperatures in the 20s celsius. The sea has usually warmed up to about 15 degrees in the summer, which is a lot colder than your bath (certainly colder than I like mine!) , but just about bearable for a bracing swim!

We would advise packing for every eventuality - shorts and scarves, brollies and bikinis!